Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Baby Bracelets

These are just samples of the baby bracelets I have. I can do most custom orders. I like to use freshwater pearls, jade, seed beads, and silver for most bracelets.
Bracelet Sizing

Infant (0-12 months) 3 1/2 - 4"
Toddler (1-4 yrs) 4 - 5"
Child (3-10 yrs) 5 - 6"

*All bracelets are made with a 1 inch chain extension.

Binkie Catchers

How they work:

My binkie catchers are made with doubled up ribbon (all others I have seen online are single and not as sturdy). They come with snap closures and an elastic for use with no handle binkies such as Mams and Soothies (shown above). I use 4 different clips: two metal suspender style clips with PVC on the teeth to protect clothing, one giant metal lobster claw, and small acrylic clips in multiple colors. I have discontinued the acrylic clips because, although they are cute, the clips tend to wear out after a few months or so. (see Binkie Catcher Clips for closer view).

Binki Catcher on metal suspender clip