Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nursing Covers: Info

Once you've tried one, you wonder how you ever did without. The neck strap holds the cover in place so you don't have to worry about it falling down and flashing others around you. The boning in the neck line gives the wearer a view beneath while shielding you from everyone else.

* Double sided/ reversible
* D-ring neck strap
*Machine washable- cold
*Larger size for more coverage

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Floral Nursing Cover

Sold Out

Blue & Brown Polka Dot Nursing Cover

Blue Plaid & Brown Polka Dot Nursing Cover

Sold Out

Green & Brown Nursing Cover

Sold Out

Pink/Brown Rose Nursing Cover

Sold Out

Tan & Red Nursing Cover

Taggie Blanket Info

Taggies are the perfect portable comfort and entertainment blankies for newborns on up. They are made with super soft fabric and a variety of ribbons of different colors, textures, and sizes to keep your little one entertained and comforted.

* Ultra cuddly fabric on one side and pattern fleece on the other
* 1/2 yard x 1/2 yard in size
* Variety of ribbons
* Machine washable

Things that Move Taggie Blanket

Little Sport Taggie Blanket

Heart Taggie Blanket

Pink & Brown Lattice Taggie Blanket

Little Boy Blue Taggie Blanket

Dip-N-Dots Taggie Blanket

Sold Out

Watermelon Taggie Blanket

Circles & Dots Taggie Blanket

Sold Out

Pattern Binkie Catcher Ribbon

Stars and Stripes
Green Camo (sold out)

Pink Plaid
Heart (thin)
Purple Plaid
Purple Spiral

Flower Binkie Catcher Ribbon

Black Daisy (sold out)
Black/White Flower
Black/Pink Flower
Green/Pink Flower (sold out)
Brown/Pink Flower

Pink Flower
White Daisy (sold out)
Purple Daisy (sold out)
White Flower
Purple Flower

Striped Girl Binkie Catcher Ribbon

Easter Stripe
Pastel Stripe
Bright Stripe
Pink/Green Stripe
Orange/Green/Pink Stripe

Pink/Brown Stripe
Classic Girl Stripe
Berry Stripe (sold out)
Pink Stripe
Purple Stripe

Circles Binkie Catcher Ribbon

Red/Black Circle
Boy Circle
Blue Bubble (sold out)
Pink Bubble (sold out)

Pink Circle
Purple Circle (sold out)
Pink/Purple Circle

Horizontal Striped Binkie Catcher Ribbon

Baby Greens
Baby Blues
Horizontal Blues
Horizontal Melon

Striped Boy Binkie Catcher Ribbon

Tan Stripe
Safari Stripe
Khaki Stripe (sold out)

Green Stripe
Yellow Stripe
Blue/Green/Brown Stripe

Striped Boy Binkie Catcher Ribbon

(left to right, top to bottom):

Black/Blue/Gray Stripe (sold out)
Navy Stripe (sold out)
Blue/Brown Stripe
Classic Stripe
Primary Stripe

Red/Blue/Tan Stripe
Red/Blue/White Stripe
Orange to Red Stripe
White/Red/Black/Brown/Yellow Stripe (sold out)

Side Stitch Binkie Catcher Ribbon

Navy/Red Stitch
Blue/Blue Stitch (sold out)
Blue/White Stitch
Pink/Blue Stitch

Sayings Binkie Catcher Ribbon

Left column:
All Boy

Right column:
Hugs and Kisses (sold out)
Cute As A Button
So Sweet (sold out)
All Girl (sold out)

Polka Dot Binkie Catcher Ribbon

(left to right, top to bottom):

Brown Dot
Tan Dot
Green Dot
Sage Dot
Blue Dot
Light Blue Dot (large)
Light Blue Dot (small)

Red Dot
Pink Dot
Pink/Black Dot
Light Pink/Brown Dot
Light Pink Dot
Purple Dot
Light Purple Dot

Thick Boy Binkie Catcher Ribbon


Green/Brown Stripe
Blue/Brown Stripe
Blue/White Stripe

Thick Girl Binkie Catcher Ribbon

(left to right, top to bottom):

Light Purple
Bright Pink

Pastel Stripe
Yellow Stripe
Pink/Brown Stripe (wide)
Pink/Brown Stripe (narrow)